Jackies Bay - Wegter
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Jackies Bay

Cape Cod, New England style: the beach and style icon Jackie Kennedy were the inspiration behind Jackies Bay. Escaping the daily hustle and bustle and enjoying a weekend getaway with friends and family. Dining with loved ones and taking the time to enjoy a wonderfully slow day. This tableware and kitchen concept encapsulates the elegance and timelessness of these simple pleasures. The tableware consists of stylish pieces, such as plates with elegant edges and mugs.

A good apron and tea towels are a must, made from high-quality materials in typical Jackies Bay style.
A new feature in this collection is Jackies Bay White. This line combines the beautiful shapes of Jackies Bay with a Scandinavian style. The items are white and stylish and the look great on any table. It is also very suitable to mix & match with more colorful tableware.