Disclaimer - Wegter
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This page contains the Wegter.com disclaimer, as made available by Wegter Consumenten B.V. This disclaimer describes the conditions associated with the information contained on our website.

Intellectual property

The information on this website can be used free of charge, but may not be copied, distributed or used in any other way. The information on this website may only be reused according to the conditions set out by the imperative law.

No text, images, or other materials on this website may be used or distributed without the prior written consent of Wegter Consumenten B.V. The intellectual property hereof will be vested in Wegter.

No accuracy guarantee

If applicable:

We are committed to ensuring the transparency and accuracy of the prices listed on the website to the best of our ability. Programming mistakes and typos shall never give rise to a contract and/or agreement with Wegter Consumenten B.V.

Wegter Consumenten B.V. strives to keep its website as up to date as possible, but is not liable for any inaccuracies or errors contained on the website.

The information and/or products on this website are presented with no warranty or guarantee of accuracy. We reserve the right to modify, remove and repost content at any time and without prior notice. Wegter Consumenten B.V. accepts no liability for the information contained on websites linked to from its own website.