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About us

Wegter Home is a Dutch family business with more than 100 years of experience in making ceramics. We have extensive experience in global trade and travel to get inspiration on new techniques. Currently we represent many tableware brands in more than 28 countries. We value quality and innovation and cherish our Dutch porcelain heritage. We constantly strive to make beautiful products that people enjoy at the dinner table. At the dinner table you make many memories, share moments from your life, families come together and friendships are strengthened. That's why this is where we get our inspiration.


Dutch Rose Amsterdam

With a 100-year long family history in ceramics making and travelling the world for inspiration and techniques, Dutch Rose was founded in 2016. A tableware brand born out of a love for sharing beautiful moments around the table. The dinner table is the place where the foundations of health and happiness are laid and our collections are simple ways of integrating beauty into people’s daily routine.

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Laura Ashley Tableware

Laura Ashley Tableware shows that you can make anything big with a humble beginning. The Laura Ashley Tableware collections are known for the abundance of simplistic, small-scale prints. Combining the good old days and modern trends, Laura Ashley Tableware ensures that every meal is exceptional.

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