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Wegter Home is a Dutch family business with more than 100 years of experience in making ceramics. We have extensive experience in global trade and travel to get inspiration on new techniques. Currently we represent many tableware brands in more than 28 countries. We value quality and innovation and cherish our Dutch porcelain heritage. We constantly strive to make beautiful products that people enjoy at the dinner table. At the dinner table you make many memories, share moments from your life, families come together and friendships are strengthened. That's why this is where we get our inspiration.


Wegter Home has been bringing elegance and style to people's lives since 1916. We do this with innovative ceramic products of high quality. We started in the last century as a wholesaler of glass, porcelain and earthenware and steadily grew into a specialized producer of porcelain tableware. Always with great respect for tradition and a high standard of quality. Although we build on the Dutch use of porcelain making, we are always looking for new methods and techniques to improve our products. New porcelain collections therefore build on our success: our porcelain is a sought-after symbol of a modern and quality-conscious lifestyle.


Stoneware is a non-porous ceramic tableware made from stoneware clay. This clay is fired at a temperature of between 1150 and 1300 degrees Celsius. The relatively high firing temperature, thick structure and the mix of clay and glass ceramic all contribute to the durability of the tableware. Furthermore, this tableware often has color patterns and variations similar to those of natural stone even before it is glazed. Stoneware can be beautifully glazed with a colorful matte or glossy finish, just like other dinnerware. In general, stoneware has a rustic, earthy look, making it great for a casual look that is also elegant. Our Dutch Rose Organic dinnerware is a sample from our stoneware collections


Compared to stoneware, we bake earthenware at a lower temperature to make it hard. It is a porous type of ceramic that is much more fragile than stoneware. Also, pottery must be glazed or painted before use. Like stoneware, pottery has a rustic appearance.


Porcelain tableware is made of a type of clay with fine particles. It usually consists of a feldspar, kaolin and quartz, which we bake at a higher temperature. This makes the final tableware very durable and non-porous. This process allows the tableware to be thinner and finer in shape, giving it a transparent appearance, so to speak. This allows shaped details to be incorporated into the design of the dinner service.  


Wegter Home is present at every step of the creative process. From the initial concept to the tangible products, we look at everything with a keen eye for detail and focus on quality. Our dynamic and creative team is constantly designing and developing our collections. We do this with respect for the fine balance between our Dutch tradition and contemporary trends. And that results in our classically vital collections with a modern edge. Our successes are due not only to our design team, but also to our close relationships with partners in Asia and Europe: thanks to these collaborations, we can guarantee our high level of quality throughout the production process. 


We are inspired by simple moments of happiness at the dinner table. After all, this place is the basis for long-term health and happiness! Our brands and collections offer people more style and beauty in their daily routine. A beautiful mug to start the day with, a festive glass for your guests, an earthenware bowl for fresh fruits and vegetables and napkins that are wonderfully soft to the touch: these are the simple moments that we believe make everyday life richer. We truly believe in quality over quantity, which is why we create collections that last for years. We do this with products that are timeless and can be enjoyed every day. Even to enhance the simplest of moments. 

"With a keen eye for detail, we create a variety of style concepts and brands for any occasion and different moments of the day."

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